Passfolio strives to implement industry
standard security practices.
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Passfolio Securities is a member of FINRA
and of the SIPC, which protects securities
customers of its members up to US$500,000
(including US$250,000 for claims for cash).
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You can deposit just $100 to start. We accept deposits via wire transfers, TED, Remessa Online or even cryptocurrencies through Passfolio Financial*.

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With Passfolio, you can convert your local currency to dollars and trade 3,800 + US stocks, ETFs and REITs, all with no commission fees**.

Best practices


Your password is never stored in plaintext - it is hashed using the industry-standard BCrypt hashing algorithm.

Sensitive information

Sensitive and private information such as your social security number are encrypted before they’re written to disk.

Security protocol

All of our apps, websites, and servers securely communicate using the TransportLayer Security (TLS) protocol.

Login security

For account login we require multi-factor authentication. Our mobile app supports TouchID, FaceID, or a custom pin code for unlocking.

Who owns the stock?

When you invest with Passfolio, you have all ownership rights and are registered as the beneficial owner of any stock. That means every dividend and all income that comes from the stock is yours. The stock is held by us as is standard practice in the US. When you buy or sell securities with a US broker such as Passfolio Securities, it is held in "street name", which means the broker holds the stock on behalf of the investors.*

* Passfolio is an Introducing broker - we do not hold any of our users' assets directly. Instead, assets are held by our clearing broker partner DriveWealth. Our users are still the owners and beneficiaries of the stock they purchase and have all the rights associated with the assets.

What if Passfolio goes out of business?

If Passfolio for any reason ceases to operate,the assets of the clients will be transferred in an orderly manner to another registered brokerage firm. It is usual for registered brokerages or clearing firms to keep their clients’ securities and money separate from their own. This way, even if a company fails the clients’ assets are still safe.

Brokers are also required to meet minimum net capital requirements to reduce the risk of insolvency and to be a member of the Securities Investor ProtectionCorporation (SIPC), protecting client securities accounts of up to $500,000 (maximum of $250,000 in cash).