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Invite your friends to invest in the US and get a chance to earn $500 in Apple stock

Invite your friends to invest in the US for a chance to win $500 in Apple (AAPL) stock or an iPad Air! The giveaway winner gets to choose the prize.

Refer friends to Passfolio from August 27th to September 27th and get a number of entries into the random drawing equal to the number of points below. A winner will be drawn at random at the end of the contest.

+1 point
Successfully refer 2 friends
+3 points
Successfully refer 4 friends
+7 points
Successfully refer 6 friends
+10 points
Successfully refer 8 friends
+15 points
Successfully refer 10 friends

+1 point for each additional friend

For a referral to be considered successful, the person you referred must create a Passfolio account and deposit at least US$25 in fiat currency or US$50 in crypto (such as Bitcoin). Giveaway participants will still be eligible for the standard rewards of our referral program.

*Giveaway rules are subject to change at any time without notice. Giveaway is only valid in jurisdictions where it is legal. Points are awarded based on the total number of successful referrals during the giveaway. For example, if you have 3 successful referrals you receive 1 point. You may also receive one point by mailing a letter received on or before September 27th containing your name and email requesting a point to Panchain, Inc., 170 Capp Street, Suite 3A, San Francisco, CA 94110. A person cannot gain more than 12 points. For example, if you successfully refer 100 friends and mail 100 valid letters requesting a point received before September 27th you will receive 12 points. Each point is equivalent to one entry in the random drawing. A winner will be randomly picked from all the entries. You must reside in a jurisdiction where the giveaway is legal and valid in order to be entered.