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Joint accounts

A joint brokerage account is shared by two individuals. Joint brokerage accounts are most commonly held by spouses, but are also opened between family members, such as a parent and child, or two individuals with mutual financial goals, such as business partners.

We offer the following type of joint brokerage account:

  • Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship: Both owners have equal rights to this type of account. If one owner dies, the survivor will inherit the decedent’s share of the account.

If you want to open a joint account, you and the other account holder must create individual accounts first. Once that step is finished, each account holder must email separately and provide us the following information: 

  1. Name of the other account holder;
  2. Email of the other account holder;
  3. Who will be the primary user.

We will then proceed to create the joint account.

Please review carefully our brokerage account agreement located at:, as it contains specific language applicable to joint accounts.


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